Korea Business Leaders Alliance

KBLA 2.0

Hi Everyone,

2019 is here and I'd like to introduce you to a rebooted, newly designed KBLA.

The KBLA has been around as a formal organization since 2015 and we have always been different and unique. We've always focused strongly on increasing opportunities to learn, making Korea more transparent, and creating opportunities to make great relationships. Those fundamentals will never change.

Unique among business groups in Korea, a large proportion of our members are expatriates, but we advocate only for the Korean economy and doing business in Korea. We don't represent any other country, entity, or mission. That focus makes us special.

Without changing our DNA, 2019 presented an opportunity to update some of our practices to better serve the community. This is the biggest remake of what we do so far. This is KBLA 2.0.

Some of the changes for the new year include:

- KBLA Membership is now free of charge. Membership fees for 2019 are KRW 0. KBLA Membership includes all events access and receipt of the KBLA Daybook.

- KBLA Membership is still by invitation only. Membership is free of charge for all accepted applicants.

- The KBLA Weekly Intelligence Report (WIR) is now a separate subscription product. Those wishing to receive the WIR must subscribe separately for a monthly fee. Subscriptions are now by month, so they cancellable anytime.

- Regularly scheduled KBLA Events now include the KBLA Dinner only. KBLA Breakfast Business School, KBLA What's Next Lunch, and all other substantive meetings will be speaker-driven for 2019.

Speakers who wish to present on a topic may contact the KBLA to arrange a speaking opportunity.

- We have created a new Korea Information Market for distributing reports on doing business in Korea. Think of it like an app store or clearinghouse for information about Korea's business environment: legal and regulatory, human resources, economics, marketing, North Korea, and more.

Any organization may distribute its reports through the Korea Information Market. Find out more here. If you have some great reports on doing business in Korea you'd like to sell through the KBLA, send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

- We have now opened the KBLA Korea Service Providers Showcase. This is a directory of the best service providers in Korea in a variety of service categories. Service providers in Korea now have a way to amplify their market exposure to a global audience. If you are a service provider in Korea, you may list your organization here and benefit from the traffic generated by everyone in the category! Find out more about the Showcase and participating here.

The ultimate goal is to make it easier for companies from around the globe to enter the Korean market and find the best service providers to help them in doing so.

- We are planning several outreach trips to Singapore, Hong Kong, and Dubai for 2019. More information and dates for these trips will be forthcoming soon.

There are more features and opportunities on the way! Stay with us for 2019 and prepare to take better advantage of all the business opportunities Korea offers.


Rodney J. Johnson

Co-Founder of the KBLA