The Business and Economics of Korea

There are many changes coming to KBLA in 2020. We hope you’ll stay with us and experience all we have lined up. We think this is going to be the best iteration yet. Joining KBLA is a chance to support real change among business communities in Korea.

One of the driving goals of KBLA in 2020 is to create and offer new tools to aid each member of the KBLA community in accomplishing their business goals. 

We have a list of new, exploratory tools to bring out over the course of the year, all of which fall into one or more of three categories that mesh with the KBLA’s overall mission.

We know one thing: they are not at your meeting. That’s because in-person meetings aren’t what they once were: the only game in town. In 2020, along the curve of value for cost, meetings are are not just at the low end, they are downright abysmal.

Why meetings aren’t working in 2020, let me count the ways.

Beginning in 2020, KBLA will become a fully digital community of Korea-focused business leaders.

Since 2015, when KBLA was first incorporated, we have always maintained the dream of doing things differently, more efficiently, and more effectively to serve the global community in doing better, more effective business in Korea.

Going all-digital was always the plan, but it just wasn’t always practical. Now, five years later we are able to finally realize our initial vision of an all-digital business community - without compromising the things that made KBLA unique. There was no one factor that made us make the change, but rather several that came together at the same time.