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Erudite Risk

Everything is something worth knowing

Erudite Risk provides essential risk management intelligence and services for organizations operating in Asia. Our investigative, research, and protective services deliver local intelligence and insight to aid your organization in safely dealing with operating, compliance, regulatory, political, market, and cultural risks.

Due Diligence, Executive Protection, Internal Investigations, Brand Protection, and Security for multinational organizations in Korea.

CATEGORY: Other Consulting

We know risk
Risk is our business. Resilience is our goal. The services and tools we offer address and serve the various areas of the risk ecosystem. To adequately manage and mitigate risk, companies need services that address the areas of risk they face, but they also need those services to be wrapped in local information and intelligence. These services can be investigative, protective, or related to business continuity. Information requirements can be legal, regulatory, political, and market/geo-related. Erudite Risk's services and tools live at the intersection of these requirements.

Erudite Risk's leaders have performed thousands of risk management and security consulting projects for multinationals in Asia.

On-the-Ground with Local Knowledge
Erudite Risk operates only in Asia and only in the countries where we have direct experience on the ground. Local knowledge is crucial to ensuring a successful result in so many ways. From legal liability to knowing what information is valid and what is invalid, the job simply cannot be done from afar.

Quality Guarantee
We stand behind our work in a way that few companies in the professional services industry do.

Being Erudite.

Erudite Risk has extensive experience performing risk mitigation and risk management services for multinational companies operating in the geographic markets we cover. We know our markets, we know international business, and we know the risks global companies face in our markets. More importantly, we understand your goals, needs, worries, and expectations as an organization. We speak your language.

Erudite Risk personnel are trained and certified in the disciplines our services are built around. We’re on the ground, in-country, local. Our long experience operating in Asia has allowed us to develop the extensive human networks we rely on for our due diligence and business intelligence services. 

High Quality Product
What you read in your due diligence reports should matter. It should make a difference in your decision making. We aim to provide relevant, comprehensive, insightful, and actionable intelligence products. We know what makes a risk intelligence report readable and useful. We know your standards are high. We work to meet and exceed them.

Discreet and Safe
Our discreet investigative due diligence and background investigations get you the assurance you need that you are making a proper decision without committing your organization to a course of action. Erudite Risk always complies with all laws and regulations in the countries we operate in. Integrity is the most important asset we have. Safety and discretion are further ensured by doing our own work - we never outsource cases to third parties. 

All of our services can be customized to meet your requirements and deadlines. 

Contact Point

Name: Rodney J. Johnson
Title: President
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact Point

Name: Chung Jaekyu
Title: Director of Operations
Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Primary Address

Street: 25-3 Dongpangyo-ro, 52 Beon-gil
City: Seongnam
State: Gyeonggi-Do
Country: South Korea
Postal Code: 13535

Organization Contact Info

Telephone: +82-70-4153-6789
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Website: www.eruditerisk.com

Founding Date: April 2013

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