Why Does KBLA Exist?

KBLA Exists Because...

Korea needs foreign participation in the domestic economy like never before.
The world is changing and Korea is changing. Korea has new and existing challenges in rapidly weakening demographics, highly concentrated market structure, increasing protectionism, rising export similarity among competitors, low productivity growth, low domestic investment levels, and the rising importance of services. Most, if not all, of these things can be overcome through increased participation of the global business community in the Korean economy.

KBLA aims to help with that by making Korea more transparent and by making operating in Korea easier and more efficient. Whatever aids in that mission, is our mission.

Korea is still not a transparent and easy place for the global community to do business.
It’s not easy to enter, set up, understand, market, manage risk, find customers, find distributors, hire, fire, or any of the other myriad functions organizations must do successfully to thrive in the Korean market. We believe companies from around the world would be happy to enter the Korean market, if it was only easier to do.

The information and expertise necessary to operate in Korea exists, but is not easy to access.
It doesn’t matter if your organization is large or small, finding good data starts with learning that it exists at all. Finding good service providers is crucial to getting the best advice and support in-country. KBLA provides data-driven intelligence reports and tools to enable better decision making and better communication with HQ on what the Korean market actually looks like, how it functions, and what the opportunities and challenges are.

No one has the time for hit and miss.
Going to in-person meetings, digging around on the Internet, networking through known associates are all reasonable methods for getting the information and contacts you need. But, they are also very inefficient and often, just a shot in the dark. KBLA provides a better way. We provide a ready-made network of the best service providers and in-country market participants. We wrap the business community in knowledge and expertise from academia, think tanks, NGOs, and industry associations. We also provide, directly, reports and newsletters to inform you of the state of the Korean economy and business environment.

This is 2020. Stuff has to come to me, not me to it.
We do everything we do in digital-only formats so that it comes to you, when you want, where you want, and you utilize it how you want. Networking is handled via the community’s “kbla.live” networking and sharing platform - accessible through browser, desktop apps, or mobile apps. Information is disseminated through emails, PDFs, videos, and audio files.

We all need the same things.
All KBLA members need the same basket of goods and services. We need good information. We need access to the right service providers. We need access to potential partners, customers, and sellers. KBLA groups these different support roles together in a way that is more efficient and effective than anywhere else. It’s win-win for everyone.  


Rodney J. Johnson
KBLA Co-Founder and Managing Director