A New KBLA for 2020

There are many changes coming to KBLA in 2020. We hope you’ll stay with us and experience all we have lined up. We think this is going to be the best iteration yet. Joining KBLA is a chance to support real change among business communities in Korea.

Firstly, anyone can join.
Until now, KBLA has always been an invitation-only community of business leaders in Korea. Now it will be an open community of business leaders anywhere in the world. We want to be more inclusive and, in turn, take advantage of all the experience and expertise the broader community has to offer. 

In 2020, KBLA will go all-digital, replacing our in-person meetings with digital meetings and resource offerings. The rationale behind this thinking is explained more fully on The KBLA Blog here and here.

Paid, Fully-Functional Membership Model
Membership in 2018 was free of charge, but things like the Weekly Intelligence Report were offered as separate, paid, services. 

  • In 2020, they’re back to being part of the regular KBLA Membership. 
  • KBLA Membership fees will now be charged by company, instead of by individual. If your company joins as a member, you may put as many people on the membership list as you wish. 
  • Not only, our email reports like the KBLA Daybook and Weekly Intelligence Report will be included in membership, but all digital meetings are included as well. No more joining a business organization and then paying to attend meetings also. Pay one membership fee, and get access for your whole company to everything we produce. 

All-Digital Means New Resources

We’ll have a variety of new digital ‘meeting’ resources to partake of. Learn more about those on the KBLA website at “Join KBLA.” Our focus is on hard data and rubber-meets-road intelligence you can use to run your business in Korea today. Learn. Teach. Find expertise. Show expertise.

Value Chain Magazine is back.
Value Chain, KBLA’s e-magazine, will be back in 2020. The focus of the magazine is on promoting our individual members, Friends of KBLA, and partners through interviews, articles, ads, and other features. Value Chain will be published monthly, with the first edition being January.

We’re aiming at a global and local audience. 
KBLA’s goal of promoting the Korean economy doesn’t stop at the border. Our goals of making Korea more transparent, introducing members to valuable information and intelligence, and providing mechanisms for building great relationships are valid for a global audience as well as for those in Korea. All-Digital just makes it even better. 

The meeting and resource schedule is fixed for the whole year - right now. Examine the KBLA publishing and meeting schedule for 2020 on the KBLA website

Don’t forget the member showcase!
Unlike many others, KBLA’s membership directory is online and open to the world. We even provide contact information for individual members who wish to be listed so that prospective clients and contacts can reach out to you without having to go through us. 

  • KBLA member companies get a full page in the member showcase.
  • Put anything you want in it—as much content as you wish: text, images, downloadables, even embedded videos. It’s up to you. 
  • Put your company in the showcase so that we can help promote you now!

In-Person Social Events like the KBLA Dinner will still continue. These things are too good to stop!

Join today to get the full year’s benefits of membership:

KBLA is the only place you get what you pay for. Join us today and start benefitting.

Membership fees are the same for every company: 1,100,000 KRW in Korea or US$1000 when paid from outside of Korea. Membership is from January to December. Join anytime, but the membership term expires in December. For questions on membership, email us at .

Thanks so much for the support over the years. 2020 represents the biggest innovations in KBLA history and we think it represents a huge value upgrade for both people who are looking to find connections and information in Korea and those seeking to provide services and expertise.

Rodney J. Johnson
KBLA Co-Founder and Managing Director