New KBLA Tools for Business Warriors

One of the driving goals of KBLA in 2020 is to create and offer new tools to aid each member of the KBLA community in accomplishing their business goals. 

We have a list of new, exploratory tools to bring out over the course of the year, all of which fall into one or more of three categories that mesh with the KBLA’s overall mission.

Informational Tools: These tools bring business warriors the information they need, in a timely fashion, consumable at will. Our KBLA Weekly Intelligence Report falls into this category. As does the KBLA Daybook. The KBLA Korea Business Review, now available as a video or PDF download gives you the context you need to make good decisions. 

New Informational tools will include innovative new surveys, bespoke price indexes, and special reports that aggregate thinking on key topics of interest. 

Networking Tools: These tools will allow KBLA members to reach out to each other and find expertise, answers, and resources in an effective way. All KBLA members may have a KBLA email address, which can be exposed to the public, and may be used to forward overtures and contacts to any other email address they wish to keep more private. This will allow service providers to list themselves and their contact information in the KBLA Member Directory, which is open to the world and accessible by anyone (because you never know where your next great opportunity will come from), but also allows all contacts and entreaties to be vetted for fit without surrendering private information.

KBLA Members will also be able to participate in the KBLA Facebook Group for members only. This group allows interactions among pre-vetted participants (KBLA Members only), including posting announcements, events, and promotions by members. 

Marketing Communications Tools: Fundamental to the concept of marketing is the idea that marketing is of value for both the consumer of the communications and the communicator. KBLA aims to help both consumers of Korea-related products and services and their purveyors to link up with each other via our marketing communications offerings. 

KBLA will offer numerous ways to promote our member companies in 2020. Foremost among those is the Friends of KBLA program. Friends of KBLA is the most involved a KBLA member can be in the ecosystem as it involves a combination of all our marketing offerings. More information on the progam can be found here. 

The aforementioned KBLA Member Directory is a great way to be found by those seeking Korea-related services and answers. It’s also a great place to search for Korea partners.

KBLA’s Value Chain digital/online Magazine offers advertising opportunities, interviews of KBLA members, and the opportunity to share your custom content with all KBLA members and the general Korea-interested public from around the world. 

KBLA’s live and recorded webinars and “On The Ground” downloadable videos offer sponsorship opportunities and a venue for introducing your company and demonstrating your expertise to the KBLA community and the greater Korea business community. 

As one of the few independent, English language providers of Korea-related business intelligence and content, KBLA attracts a unique and valuable audience. As such, KBLA offers a second-to-none opportunity to provide valuable multi-channel, marketing communications paths to your most coveted audience. 

KBLA has always been unique among business communities in Korea. Now, in 2020, through a pure digital and online focus, we will extend our innovative offerings to a larger, global audience of Korea stakeholders.


Rodney J. Johnson
KBLA Co-Founder and Managing Director