2020 KBLA: All-digital, All the Time

Beginning in 2020, KBLA will become a fully digital community of Korea-focused business leaders.

Since 2015, when KBLA was first incorporated, we have always maintained the dream of doing things differently, more efficiently, and more effectively to serve the global community in doing better, more effective business in Korea.

Going all-digital was always the plan, but it just wasn’t always practical. Now, five years later we are able to finally realize our initial vision of an all-digital business community - without compromising the things that made KBLA unique. There was no one factor that made us make the change, but rather several that came together at the same time.

In-person meetings have become increasingly difficult to make work for everyone. This is not just a KBLA problem, it is a problem for organizations everywhere. Venues are expensive, business people are busy, and speaker availability and quality are difficult to manage. 

People’s attitudes toward information and services are always evolving and over the last five years we’ve seen that evolution first-hand. In-person meetings aren’t what they once were and they have inherent limitations. Read more about the challenges in-person meetings face.

In 2019, we pivoted toward meetings where we could offer more substantial material and insights. We always offered serious intelligence in our written reports, but now we wanted to build meetings around economic and business data. That change required more control over meetings. Once we decided to take full control over all meetings, the leap to going digital-only was easy to make. 

Beginning in 2020, KBLA will have NO solely in-person substantive meetings. 

Going digital offers so many advantages for KBLA members:

- All of our reports, intelligence offerings, and meetings will be equally accessible and equally valuable to all our members, whether they are in Korea or Karachi or California. 

- Going all digital means content is persistent. Videos and downloadable documents stick around long after they are created so they continue to offer value for both consumers and creators.

- Digital means content and offerings may be consumed at will, at the time and place of your choosing, in whole or in part. Content comes to you, not you to it

- More flexibility and convenience means more participation. The more members who can participate in the KBLA the better the value and opportunities for everyone. Now, every member can attend every meeting - on his or her own terms. It's win-win for content consumers and creators. 

For our members in Korea, KBLA content and meetings may now be accessed and consumed at your leisure whenever and wherever you desire. For our members around the globe, KBLA membership is now no different than it is for KBLA members in Korea.  A KBLA membership is a membership is a membership.

KBLA will be very different in 2020, but it will be better than ever.


Rodney J. Johnson
KBLA Co-Founder and Managing Director