New Korean Drone Laws

Icarus in Greek mythology has long symbolized mankind’s longing for the sky. Mankind finally accessed it thanks to the Wright brothers. Today the development of drones enables ordinary people with little or no expertise to access the skies.

There is an enormous amount of value in being able to see the future. If we can see what is coming around the corner, we can make better decisions, prepare better, and get a jump on our competitors. Considering how much money there is to be made, and how much advantage to be gained by being able to see the future, you’d think we’d work harder on being better at it. The problem is that there isn’t much to practice. Predicting the future is more art than science. It requires a god’s eye view, encompassing all the data available, and we rarely have that.

Under Korean patent practice, the elements recited in a preamble of a patent claim or description of related art of the patent specification was often considered as prior art. Specifically, the Supreme Court in 2005 held that the description of related art is presumed to be prior art (Supreme Court Decision 2004Hu2031Decided December 23, 2005). However, a recent Unanimous En Banc Supreme Court Decision overruled this practice by ruling that the preamble in the claim and description of related art of the patent is presumed to be prior art only when supported by the specification and the prosecution history, while allowing for the presumption to be overcome under certain circumstances.

Philippe Shin

Building a Bridge Between Foreign Investors and Korea

Born in Korea, raised in France, Philippe Shin is uniquely positioned to build bridges between foreign investors and Korea.

This article was originally published in the February 2017 issue of Value Chain. Value Chain is the Monthly Magazine of the Korea Business Leaders Alliance.

September and October were extraordinary months in Korea. On September 12, a strong M5.8 earthquake struck the Gyeongju area near the Kori and Wolsong nuclear power stations. It was the strongest ever recorded in the country since measurements began in 1978. Then, less than a month later on October 5, typhoon Chaba hit the coastal areas of Busan and Ulsan, causing a 9-meter storm surge, closing the port, and resulting in flooding in both of those cities as well as already earthquake affected Gyeongju.

Originally published in the November 2016 issue of Value Chain.

It is said that the only things guaranteed in life are “death and taxes” and while some have been known to avoid taxes, death will eventually claim us all. Indeed, not all of us are doctors but we all have been, or will be, patients.

Originally published in the October 2016 issue of Value Chain.

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