Business Intelligence Analyst/Researcher

We’re looking for a Business Intelligence Analyst/Researcher to help us build and expand our line up of intelligence reports and products.

The KBLA produces some of the premier business intelligence reports available in Korea. We're looking for more analytical muscle to help us expand and deepen our offerings. If you are someone who loves to learn, loves to introduce new ideas to people, and enjoys solving problems, this is your job.

Job Opening Announcement Date: 2017 January 4.

This is a great chance to take ownership of a product and build something great! We're looking for exceptional people who want to do exceptional things.

The person we’re looking for has the following qualities:

  • Bilingual. This person can do research in Korean and write in English. The core skill required is finding sources of information and raw data in Korean and working with the KBLA Business Intelligence Team to turn that data into intelligence in English.
  • Enough knowledge of business and economics to intelligently analyze key issues and problems in the target topic areas. Research areas include business and management, economics, technology, foreign affairs, among other potential business-related topics.
  • Relentless Problem Solver. Some of the intelligence products you will be working on don’t exist yet. You get to help design them and then execute them on a regular basis, while practicing continuous improvement/evolution.
  • Working knowledge of MS office tools and some knowledge of Adobe software products (Photoshop, Indesign)
  • Working knowledge of/or ability to learn about open source intelligence gathering. Modern business and competitive intelligence lives in websites, social media, search engines, published media, and elsewhere. The KBLA prides itself on having highly trained and capable researchers.
  • Korean Citizen or F-Visa only.

Compensation offers will be competitive and based on qualifications and the potential to do great things.

Make your case - send CVs and/or amazing work samples to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Have questions about the KBLA? Email us at Ready to join?