• JAN 20 : New Year, New Beginning

    KBLA Dinner

    JAN 20 : New Year, New Beginning
    Join us for an enhanced menu at the Grand Hyatt's newly opened premium steak house!

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  • JAN 25 : Korea Crisis Events in 2016

    KBLA Corporate Governance Forum

    JAN 25 : Korea Crisis Events in 2016
    A Review of various compliance-related crises that occurred in Korea last year.

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  • FEB 10 : First KBLA Night Out of the Year!

    KBLA Night Out

    FEB 10 : First KBLA Night Out of the Year!
    The first 2017 KBLA Night Out will be held at JR Pub in Itaewon. We're taking over the entire place!

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  • MAR 24 : Managing risk in Korea

    Professional Seminar Series

    MAR 24 : Managing risk in Korea

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  • KBLA Community

    Hank Morris

    Witness to development and extraordinary change in Korea Korea’s past is not its future, but it has always been adept at changing. Some of its toughest challenges may still yet lie ahead.

  • KBLA Community

    Arnold Chung

    Teaching innovation and entrepreneurship in Korea Korea is doing a lot of things right today. That doesn’t mean it can’t do better.

  • Value Chain November Edition

    Read the whole November issue online!

    Past event coverage, upcoming events roundup, KBLA Community interviews, Korea Intelligence, columns by some of Korea's most knowledgeable writers, read the whole November issue online now! Just click on the arrow below.

  • Hank Morris
  • Arnold Chung
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Korea Intelligence Package Report Summaries

In This Week's WIR

In This Week's WIR

January 17, 2017
Report Table of Contents

Korea Intelligence

Top Trends in 2017
MOTIE Trade Trends in 2016 and Forecast for 2017
Two Structural Problems of the Korean Economy
Financial Policy Direction for 2017
Current Household Debt Situation
19th Presidential Election Candidate Approval Ratings


Bank of Korea Economic Forecast for 2017
Employment Figures, December 2016

North Korea

North Korea's Welfare Delivery Systems

In This Week's CIB

In This Week's CIB

January 11, 2017
Briefing Table of Contents

Corporate Intelligence

Apple to open its first retail store located in Korea
One-in-five Jeju Air domestic tickets sold via mobile devices
AmorePacific forms partnership with Alshaya Group, plans to enter Middle Eastern market
SK Hynix introduces LPDDR4X mobile DRAM chip
LG, Samsung reportedly considering plans to build appliance factories in the US

Business and Industry

Major Automobile Industry Figures for 2016
Major Bioindustry Figures for 2015

Corporate Dates

Hansol Paper to absorb Hansol Artone Paper

In This Week's KRA
Risk Mitigation

In This Week's KRA

January 12, 2017
Advisory Table of Contents

Risk Management

KFTC Levies 1.3 Trillion KRW Fine Against Qualcomm Incorporated
Major Changes to Ministry of Food and Drug Safety Regulations in 2017
2017 Labor-Management Relations Forecast
Earthquakes in Korea in 2016

Cyber and Data Protection

KCC Fines Kakao 342 Million KRW for Alleged Violations of Telecommunications Business Act


Summary of Anti-Corruption Task Force Meeting Interpretation

Legislation Effect Dates

Public Review and Comment Period Deadlines