• DEC 7: KBLA Night Out: End-of-Year Dinner

    KBLA Night Out

    DEC 7: KBLA Night Out: End-of-Year Dinner
    Join us for the End-of-Year Dinner!

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  • DEC 9: KBLA Venture Forum

    KBLA Venture Forum

    DEC 9: KBLA Venture Forum
    Moda Heaven: Utilizing P2P Technology to Disrupt Korea’s Luxury Goods Market

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  • KBLA Community

    Hank Morris

    Witness to development and extraordinary change in Korea Korea’s past is not its future, but it has always been adept at changing. Some of its toughest challenges may still yet lie ahead.

  • KBLA Community

    Arnold Chung

    Teaching innovation and entrepreneurship in Korea Korea is doing a lot of things right today. That doesn’t mean it can’t do better.

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Korea Intelligence Package Report Summaries

In This Week's WIR

In This Week's WIR

December 6, 2016
Report Table of Contents

Korea Intelligence

KITA Trade Forecast for 2017
State of the Business Environment in Korea in 2015
Greenhouse Gas Emissions in 2014
Korean Media Panel Survey in 2016
Life Expectancy in 2015


Gross National Income, 3Q 2016
Monthly Industrial Statistics, October 2016
19th Ministerial Meeting on the Economy

North Korea

United Nations Security Council Adopts Resolution 2321 in Response to September Nuclear Test

In This Week's CIB

In This Week's CIB

November 30, 2016
Briefing Table of Contents

Corporate Intelligence

Samsung Electronics examining plans to convert to holding company
SK Telecom to convert SK Communications to wholly-owned subsidiary
Government denies Google the right to export detailed mapping data
Kolmar acquires Canadian cosmetics manufacturer CSR Cosmetic Solutions
Kolon Industries to build 260 billion KRW tire cord production facility in Vietnam

Business and Industry

Transportation Industry Figures for 2015
Assessment of Korean Defense Industry Growth

Corporate Dates

Daesang Holdings to absorb fresh food subsidiary, Daesang FNF

In This Week's KRA
Risk Mitigation

In This Week's KRA

December 1, 2016
Advisory Table of Contents

Risk Management

SME Survey on Product Liability
KFTC Survey of Subcontractor Transactions in 2016
ME Reports Discrepancies on Environmental Certification of Imported Automobiles
Additional KFTC Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards

Cyber and Data Protection

Partial Revisions to Network Act Enforcement Decree Regarding Mobile App Permissions


Supreme Court Recognizes Right of Fixed Term WOrkers to Convert to Permanent Employment

Legislation Effect Dates

Public Review and Comment Period Deadlines