• Oct 19: Managing People Risk

    Professional Seminar Series

    Oct 19: Managing People Risk
    Bribery and Corruption. Hiring and Firing Key Personnel. Internal Investigations. Insurance. Learn how to manage the risk personnel create.

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  • Oct 21: KBLA South Dinner

    KBLA South

    Oct 21: KBLA South Dinner
    The same renowned KBLA Dinner - only South.

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  • OCT 26: Digital Transformation

    Innovation Series

    OCT 26: Digital Transformation
    Developing a Global Innovation Center and
    Innovation Hub: The Cisco Experience

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  • KBLA Community

    Charles Ju

    Charting a path for the medical device industry in Korea. President of Toshiba Medical Systems Korea enlightens us on the inner workings of the medical devices and medical care ecosystems in Korea.

  • KBLA Community

    Dilip Sundaram

    Bridging the business culture gap between India and Korea. As CEO of Mahindra and Chairman of the Indian Chamber of Commerce in Korea, Dilip Sundaram, is a key piece of the puzzle.

  • KBLA Community

    David Richardson

    Korea’s Brand Whisperer. Over the last 30 years in Korea, David Richardson has experienced first-hand how Korean brands and Korea consumers have evolved.

  • Value Chain August Edition

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    Past event coverage, upcoming events roundup, KBLA Community interviews, Korea Intelligence, columns by some of Korea's most knowledgeable writers, read the whole August issue online now! Just click on the arrow below.

  • Charles Ju
  • Dilip Sundaram
  • David Richardson
  • Read the whole September issue online!

Korea Intelligence Package Report Summaries

In This Week's WIR

In This Week's WIR

October 18, 2016
Report Table of Contents

Korea Intelligence

MOSF Outline of Taxes in Korea
NABO Estimates on National Tax Figures, 2016-2020
4Q 2016 Export Business Survey Index
Impact of US Presidential Election on Korean Exports
Korean Export Targets, 2010-2016


Economic Outlook for 2016 and 2017
MOSF Greenbook Report, October 2016
Trade Price Indices, September 2016

North Korea

Response to October 15 Musudan Missile Test

In This Week's CIB

In This Week's CIB

October 19, 2016
Briefing Table of Contents

Corporate Intelligence

Samsung expects to see 3 trillion KRW in opportunity losses on suspended Galaxy Note 7 sales
Kakao to introduce food delivery service next year
Hanjin Shipping to sell Asia-US shipping network
Remsima to hit US market in November
Tony Moly invests 23 billion KRW in new Chinese production facility

Business and Industry

Electronic Payment Services, 2Q 2016
By-industry Breakdown of KITA 4Q 2016 Export Business Survey Index

Corporate Dates

Jeil Pharmaceutical spins-off, creates, Jeil Health Science

In This Week's KRA
Risk Mitigation

In This Week's KRA

October 20, 2016
Advisory Table of Contents

Risk Management

KFTC Consumer Dispute Resolution Standards for Several Product Categories
KNPA Crackdown on Crime Committed by Foreigners
MOI Propagates List of Individuals Who Owe Large Amounts of Local Taxes

Cyber and Data Protection

Supreme Court Invalidates Instant Messenger Evidence Gathered in Manner Not Specified in Warrant
Survey of Concerns Regarding Security of Personal Information and Media Usage


Korean Capital Markets License Framework Focusing on the Recent Discussions for Mega-Investment Banks

Legislation Effect Dates

Public Review and Comment Period Deadlines

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